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Well, were to start. I guess the beginning would be good.

I was born.. I grew, and grew and grew. Then, I went to school. I have to say that I was not a good student in school. I never wanted to spend the time working on studies. I just wanted to play and have fun. Screw all that other BS.

So, after I repeated my Senior year of High school and with many threats to my math teacher (If she is still alive I owe her a BIG apology), I graduated from Tecumseh High in New Carlisle Ohio.

From there, I joined the US Navy. I went through boot camp in Great Lakes during the winter and I got to tell ya... it really sucked. I meet one of my best friends in life there. Nick Ruggero.

He and I went on mini adventures all the time. Looking for trouble in Chicago and Philadelphia and New Jersey. Our one partner in crime was none other than Tom O'Hara. This little 5 foot nothing metal head was Mr. layed back, while me and Nick were the dynamic duo.

Needles to say, the Navy could not understand our need to be adventurers and decided to part ways with us. We left on good terms but kinda feeling like you do after a prom. The build up was great... but in the end I only got to cop a feel and no nookie. You know what I mean!

Well, after my adventures in the Navy, I decided to just take it easy when I got back home and ease back into the civilian life. After almost 5 years of easing back into life I meet my wife Renee.

We hit it off almost instantly and began our whirlwind adventures around the globe...just kidding. We lived in a cabin in a little Podunk town called Donnelsville, Ohio were the kamikaze mice attacked us in our bed nightly!

These little bastards, that had been sent from Hell to kill me in my sleep stood no chance against my elite ninja skills. I set many traps for them, including soda pop pit traps from which there is no escape...MUUHHAAAA!

Well, after the mice attacks stopped and some serious action could happen in the bedroom (wink wink) my daughter was conceived.

So, after her arrival I decided to get my act together and get a good job to take care of her. Computer networking was really taking off at that time, and I loved computers. So, I set off to network the world and build an empire.... just kidding.

So, here I am 8 years later. I have completed my MCSE, as well as my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CNSP (Certified Network Security Professional), CFE (Computer Forensics Examiner) and the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

So, there it is. All you could ever want to know about my past. But the present...well that is a different story all together


infosec, hacking, gaming with my ubergeek friends, linux in all of it's forms and my family., industrial music