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Tim Wright



Why would a local group of hackers threaten local companies more then any company? Seems like since a hacker can go global pretty easy... it would seem like hackers in general, world wide would have as much impact on local business as local hackers would have.


Thanks for the comment nut goblin. Let me address that question. Since the first phase of any attack is the recon phase, it is much easier for local hackers to recon targets (dumpster diving, onsite recon, social engineering).

Now, yes all of this is possible remotely. The article was to really rate the local 2600 group and talk about the lack of motivation and direction of the group.

I don't think I said they were more or less of a threat than any other hacker out on the web. Just stating that Dayton's 2600 group was "lacking" leadership.

Hope this helps.


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